Factory Racing’s winning streak continues at 15th Annual Primm 300

125 Off Road race teams traveled to Primm, Nevada to compete in the 15th annual Primm 300 on September 10-12, 2010. Of the 125 entries 115 started and only 76 finished. The Factory Racing, led by Dan Chamlee was among the entry list. The Factory Racing won Class 7 for the second year in a row. Dan only needed 4:27:15 with an average speed of 46.29 mph to complete 3 laps of the 68.6 mile loop for a total of 205.8 miles, his fastest average speed to date. Class 7 had 4 starters and 2 finishers.

On Friday Don Taff drove the truck through contingency and inspection at which time he noticed that the clutch was acting funny. After further inspection they found that the clutch was broken. So Friday evening was spent replacing the clutch. The team was grateful that the problem was found before race day.

This year’s course had 4 speed zones a total of 4 miles on each lap, the speed limit in these areas in 30 mph. Dan has prided himself on having never received any time penalties. However the team received a ½ minute penalty on its first lap. As Dan approached the first speed zone and applied the brakes he found he had no brakes. It took a little longer to slow down then expected. Fortunately he now knew the problem and down shifted sooner on the following laps. Thomas Chamlee co-drove the entire race that required only one pit stop to splash some fuel. Though we had team members at each of the 3 pits it was nice that they didn’t have to do anything but enjoy the race, the heat and the dust.

The team support included: Laurie Chamlee, Bill Chamlee, Alicia Chamlee, Whitney Chamlee-Saito, Nathan Saito, Stacy Chamlee-Jacobsen, Larry Jacobsen, Anne Jacobsen, Amanda Jacobsen, Heather Sherman, Amy Tate, Don Taff, Dylan Taff, Steve Taff, Brian Webb, Dean Teague, David Owens.

The Factory Racing leads the point’s championship with only one race left in the season, The Baja 100 scheduled for late November. This years Baja 1000 is a peninsula run, meaning the race with travel the entire length of the Baja Peninsula, Ensenada to La Paz and over a 1000 miles.

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