43rd Baja 500



The Factory Racing headed to Ensenada Mexico June 2-4 with high hopes of winning their 6th consecutive 43rd Baja 500 but was denied.The team led class 7 until race mile 260 when the truck slid off a 150 foot cliff, rolling 3 times.No injuries to either Thomas or Dan Chamlee but now the challenge of getting the truck back on the road and the brakes and hub fixed. It took several hours to upright the truck then winch it back up to the road meanwhile losing 2 positions.They were able to regain one to finish in second finishing in 18:00:12 behind Arturo Alvarez who only needed 16:23:25 to complete it.This year’s course was a challenging 452.84 mile race with 254 starters and 160 finishers.

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