The Factory Racing has been very busy, competing in 3 races within 4 weeks.


The team traveled to Lucerne Valley on May 19th to compete in the MORE California 500.  Thomas Chamlee is driver of record for the 1400 class in the Mojave Off Road Enthusiast (M.O.R.E.) series.  The team finished in 6th place putting him 3rd for the season points championship.  Thomas and Dan shared the driving duties and co-drivers where Tiffany Thomas, Brady Melin, Nick Tonelli. The truck is still in the testing phase and the team is really happy with how competitive it is. They feel that they’ve been able to work out most of the issues with the new truck. Thanks to those who helped: Heather Chamlee, Laurie Chamlee, Stephanie Chamlee, Nolan & Michael Chamlee, Valerie Chamlee, Amy Tate, Riley Finch and Team Tonelli.


The weekend of June 1st the team traveled to Ensenada to compete in the Baja 500, a grueling 450 mile course.  Dan Chamlee drove the entire race with John Lund and Amy Tate sharing co-driving duties.  The team led the race in class 7 until the sway bar broke at race mile 380. They limped the truck to the BF Goodrich pit at race mile 398 where they were able to fix it and get moving again. But this put them into 2nd Place.  They only needed 16:23:55 to complete the 450 mile course. This finish puts the team back in the lead for the seasons points championship.  The support team included: Laurie Chamlee, Thomas Chamlee, Scott Brady, Kurt Kimball, Carter Kimball, Matt Tindell, Chris Kiesendahl, Will Ochoa and Jacob Ochoa


Dan Chamlee was invited to participate in the Lucas Oil Regional, Beehive Classic short course race in Lake Elsinore on June 9th.  The Factory’s class 7 competed in an open sportsman class & was limited in horsepower compared to the other trucks competing but the trucks amazing suspension and Dan’s experience as a driver placed the team 3rd out of a field of 22.  Those supporting this race were: Laurie Chamlee, Thomas Chamlee, Heather Chamlee, Riley Finch, Matt Tindell, Robert Tindell, Chirs Kiesendahl and the entire Tonelli Team.

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