The Factory Racing’s new Truck wins again.

Dan Chamlee & Thomas Chamlee from The Factory Racing didn’t want to wait until September to race again and get more miles on the new truck so they decided to try another series of racing. They signed up for the MORE (Mojave Off Road Enthusiasts) Freedom 250 in Barstow on July 18, 2009. Barstow in summer is a very hot place so they run this race at night when it’s cooler. The new truck handled the course’s 5 36-mile loops really well with no problems. The Factory Racing placed first in class 7 in 4:21:12 with average of 40 mpg. Barstow is a very rough course and was a perfect testing ground. The lack of wind made the dust stay over the course affecting the visibility but it didn’t stop Dan from passing slower traffic. Dan is amazed at the newfound speed with the new suspension. The team is excited to check over the truck and make sure it’s handling the abuse it’s receiving. They will be ready to go on Sept 11-13 for the Primm 300. This race will be able to watch live on a tracker at

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