The Factory Racing wins again.

The Factory Racing traveled to Primm, Nevada to compete in the 14th Annual Terrible’s Primm 300 on Sept 11-13th. Each team was given 7 hours to complete their required laps on the 69-mile track; The Factory Racing only needed 4:41:40 with an average speed of 44.09 mph to complete their 3 laps to win Class 7. Dan Chamlee drew pole position; he immediately lost several positions in the first corner where the dust was so bad from the classes that had started in front of him that he missed a corner and high centered the truck on a berm. He was quickly pulled off and began moving back up the pack. When he got to mile 34 he had passed a couple competitors and a couple pulled over to fix problems putting him back in the lead. By the end of the first lap he was leading by 20 miles but as he started lap two the engine temp began to rise. They found the radiator fan control wasn’t working so they pulled over to fix the switch giving a little time to second place, Igor Galvan. Galvan closed to about a 15-mile gap by the end of the second lap. Before the race we replaced the intercom that allows the driver and co-driver to talk with the pit crew but received a defective one; the distributor gave us a loaner to use during the race, which also didn’t work. So the pits had no communication with the truck, which would have allowed them to advise him where the competition was. When Dan came into the pit to fuel and begin his last lap he was informed he had a 15-mile lead over 2nd place. He ran at a fast pace but didn’t push too hard on the last lap to make sure he was able to finish and win his 4th race of the season. Dan is happy with the new truck design and newfound speed and reliability but is nervous about what weakness he has yet to find.

We would like to acknowledge the following companies who helped us set up our truck: BFGoodrich, King Shocks, Richards Signs, Tubeworks.

This victory extends the annual points championship lead, which The Factory hopes to clench at the final race of the season in November at the Baja 1000. Dan is also in the running for the coveted Mile stone award given to drivers who finish every mile of every race.

Dan drove the 207-mile race with co-driver Thomas Chamlee. Pit crew was headed by Laurie Chamlee and supported by Whitney Chamlee, Bill Chamlee, Nathan Saito, Amy Tate, Ryan Gomez, Bill Taff, Jamie Taff, Donald Taff, Valerie Chamlee, Ian Graham, Megan Suiffe, and Matt Tindell.

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